I've Called You (but you won't...
I've Called You
(but you won't pick up the phone)

I don't understand it
We had a great time
You even said you'd like
To see me some time

But again and again
You've ignored my calls
And I don't know why
You're putting...
Posted January 15, 2018
((( Gay & Lesbian ))) It is p...
((( Gay & Lesbian )))

It is prevalent and half accepted
But soon it will be a day to sing
For people will realize and accept
That being in love is a beautiful thing

Decades and centuries ago
People were gay but afraid to reveal
Posted January 08, 2018
"Love is Like A Diamond" It i...
"Love is Like A Diamond"

It is radiant and shining
And it sparkles all year round
And it gravitates to the holder
And makes a beautiful sound

And it radiates a smile
From any direction for sure
And it screams in constant craving More
Posted January 01, 2018