“A Friend” They make you laug...
“A Friend”

They make you laugh
They make you smile
They make you think of them
All of the while

They bring you joy
They bring you life
And take away all
The pain and the strife

They're in your heart...
Posted December 11, 2017
Viable Vows (by Billie Nardozz...
Viable Vows
(by Billie Nardozzi)
1.For every minute of hesitation.....is another minute gone by.

2.Saying you're sorry.....is paramount.

3.Walk in faith.....not in fury.

4.Holding your temper.....is far better than holding a grudge. More
Posted December 04, 2017
“Hyundai” ((( Dormont ))) The...
((( Dormont )))

They're poised and professional
And prompt and precise
And they'll steer you straight
On any advice

((( Banksville )))

Top notch stock
And top notch staff...
Posted November 27, 2017
Pittsburgh It's the greatest c...
It's the greatest city
With the greatest people
And I'll shout that
From the highest steeple

It has the greatest sports
And restaurants too
And radio DJ's
That are far & few

And it goes without saying More
Posted November 20, 2017