• “I Fell In Love” ((( With A Le...

“I Fell In Love”
((( With A Lesbian )))
She was walking with her girlfriend
And I couldn't hold back no more
So I got up the nerve to approach her
And this is what I said for sure:

"I find you so very attractive,
and would you like to have dinner with me?"
She said; "can't you see I'm with my girlfriend,
or are you just too blind to see!"

I said; "I meant no offense in asking,
and you don't have to be so mean"
She said; "my girlfriend is trained in jujitsu,
and if I were you, I'd split the scene"

I said please just tell me you're kidding
And the next thing I knew I was floored
Her girlfriend hit me with a quick right cross
And it was something that couldn't be ignored

I was dazzled and dizzy and duked
And I lay there embarrassed for sure
But those lesbians helped me up
And showed me the way to the door

I had learned my lesson that day
That you must "think" before you intrude
Because when it's apparent that someone's together
Anything you say... will be misconstrued

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Green Tree, PA 15220
(412) 921-3694
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PostedJuly 17, 2017