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Why should my husband, Veteran Gerald Ogden be honored and recognized? My husband Gerald, is 'my heart and will always be!' He's a genuine, caring, loving, passionate, and compassionate man. He's good to me, our children, family, and to others.
The love that we have shared and continue to share, spans time, and stems from his relationship with and for God. He should be honored additionally because:
• He is a 22 1/2 year Marine Corps Veteran
• Was in the Cuban Crisis
• Been on the Mediterranean Cruise
• Served in two Vietnam Wars
• Served his country faithfully and
honorably because of his love of and for country
• Was a Drill Instructor while on active duty
• Moved up the ranks to 1st Lieutenant
• We will have been happily and wonderfully
married for sixty-one years on December 24,
• Had and survived surgery in a fox hole while in
• He is faithful to our church and its ministry:
a. An Ordained Deacon
b. A Sunday School Teacher
c. A member of the Finance Team
• Speaks the 'truth' - never compromising his
beliefs, yet sensitive to others.
• Puts others before himself

These are only a very small number of reasons why my husband, Gerald Ogden, should be honored and recognized as a "HERO."

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PostedNovember 11, 2017