• ((( Gay & Lesbian ))) It is p...

((( Gay & Lesbian )))

It is prevalent and half accepted
But soon it will be a day to sing
For people will realize and accept
That being in love is a beautiful thing

Decades and centuries ago
People were gay but afraid to reveal
But thank God they didn't let it get
In the way of their talent and skill

Yes they were composers & singers & dancers
And writers & inventors the same
And they were playwrights & poets & painters
And actors & actresses of name

Now had they quit because of their sexuality
And everything else as such
Then this world would've been pretty darn boring
And wouldn't have accounted for much

So please in the name of humanity
Let us all live together in peace
And let the straight and the bi and the gay
Co-exist without any decrease

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PostedJanuary 08, 2018