• VODZAK WILLIAM JOHN 5/12/1956 ...

5/12/1956 - 4/7/2013
Drifting, drifting, drifting
A leaf on Time's meandering river. Carried forward, looking back at the life that I knew.
The sun glistens on the water and I smile your smile. Night reveals an ocean of stars; I wonder which one is you. A star, not too bright or dim, high in the heavens, watching over me.
Days flow into weeks, weeks into months, the cold wind of winter brings snow. A memory stirs of a country lane lined with snow-laden hemlocks; giant sentinels that bore silent witness to happy times gone by.
Further and further, time carries me on this journey. A solo journey and yet I'm not alone; I carry the best of you with me.
The bitter winds of winter recede and the warmth of the sun, with its promise of new life, keeps its promise, just as I kept my promise. Charting a new course, always forward, glancing back with a smile and a tear……… I remember…. I cannot forget…….
Rest in peace, my love
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PostedApril 07, 2018