• STANKO MARGARET (MOM) 6/7/17 -...

6/7/17 - 8/3/00 - 2/2/06
they know what they really did
and are morally tormented by what they should have done and will forever be haunted by lurid secrets they keep until facing Her vengeful God
You were shown no Mercy
deprived of a Higher Caring
conspired and colluded against
wrongly inaccurately portrayed
depicted as fat old worthless
without meaningful existence
Given no true consideration
tritely unreasonably overruled allotted no real deliberation
rendered a heartless verdict
which is a hurtful insulting egregious mockery of justice
Ever calm cheerful & healthy never claustrophobic/anxious or some “unlucky soul” rather you were 1 in a million and
would be alive and well today
not laying wrathfully restless
needlessly inscrutably butchered illicitly impurely debrained profanely irreverently desecrated
unethically buried in p-i-e-c-e-s
Caring Giving Beautiful
Deeply Missed
Always Remembered
Eternally Loved
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PostedFebruary 02, 2018