A Once In A Lifetime Love Was...
A Once In A
Lifetime Love
Wasn't it real
And wasn't it grand
How we'd cry and hold
Each other's hand

And wasn't it cool
And wasn't it great
How we'd celebrate our love
And stay up late

And wasn't it kind More
Posted November 13, 2017
Building Up Someone's Confiden...
Building Up Someone's Confidence
Give them your complete attention
And let them know you care
And find the magic words
Posted November 06, 2017
“Acceptance” Accept me for wh...

Accept me for who I am
Accept me for the way I dress
And accept me if I'm different
And accept me for more or less

“Aren't More”

All the flowers in the world
"Aren't More" lovelier than you...
Posted October 30, 2017
“A Plea To The World” I am beg...
“A Plea To The World”
I am begging every continent
And every country, state, and town
To please heed what I'm asking:
"To please turn this world around"

By laying down the guns
And all of the hate within
And please in the name of...
Posted October 23, 2017