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Be A Diamond In Their Eyes Le...
Be A Diamond
In Their Eyes
Let your smile light up the world
And let it shine for all to see
And spread the message to the masses
That your smile will always be

Because you are a walking happy one
And you're hoping it's contagious to...
Posted November 21, 2019
"A Chance For Happiness" Don't...
"A Chance For Happiness"
Don't ever give it up
And don't let it slip away
And don't ever let anyone's jealousy
Prevent you from that day

You just carry it in your heart
And in your mind and body and soul
And let it be your legacy
Posted November 14, 2019
Our Friends & Family ((Who Ha...
Our Friends
& Family
((Who Have Passed On))
To see them just one more time
And get together and laugh like a loon
And to tell them how much we love them
And that they left us way
too soon

And to hold them in our arms
And hug...
Posted November 07, 2019