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All I Wanted Was To Love You B...
All I Wanted Was To Love You
But you turned me away
And laughed in my face
And you even taunted me
Just in case

Then you told all your friends
That I was a joke
And that the words that I speak
Should never be spoke
Posted July 15, 2019
"About Rachel" She lives in m...
"About Rachel"
She lives in my heart
She lives in my soul
And she lives in my mind
And has made my life whole

She's entered my world
And made it a new
And has made me stronger
In all that I do

Thank you Rachel ...
Posted July 08, 2019
"A Calendar Poem" The "1st" ...
"A Calendar Poem"

The "1st" of the year
They fell in love
Then flowered each other
With a "Valentine" hug

Then they "March-ed"
down the aisle
For their "April" marriage
And honeymooned in
A white stone carriage ...
Posted July 01, 2019
"Ghost Runner" We were only a ...
"Ghost Runner"
We were only a couple of teenagers
Barely knowing about the word love
But we sure believed in our hearts
That our love was sent from above

But we were never to be a couple
Just never meant to go far
And it's because that I...
Posted June 24, 2019
"The Little Lost Boy" He knew ...
"The Little Lost Boy"
He knew when he was eleven
Something just wasn't right
He didn't do the things boys did
And he did not like to fight

He adored the prettier things
Like baby dolls and the like
And he shunned all sports and roughness...
Posted June 17, 2019