“Ford Every Stream” Give it al...
“Ford Every Stream”
Give it all you've got
No matter how long it takes
And follow that life-long-dream
And see what your will-to-do makes

And don't worry what others may say
Because they might just hold you back
You just keep on...
Posted August 14, 2017
"Love Has Left Us" But never e...
"Love Has Left Us"
But never ever let it be said
That it wasn't a love that was fine
And that the years that we had together
Were like a good aged drop of wine

And never ever let it be said
That we didn't respect each other
And in every...
Posted August 07, 2017
My Prediction For (((Our Bucco...
My Prediction For
(((Our Buccos)))
With their incomparable "headers" and "hat tricks"
They are just destined for "the Bowl"
Because with scores like "30 love"
There's no way they cannot rule

And I know that you'll all agree
That their...
Posted July 31, 2017
“After Divorce” The years you ...
“After Divorce”
The years you had together
Are over and gone and done
And it's time to get back up
And once again feel the sun

Just put away the pain of it all
And pack it in a big brown bag
And drop it in the nearest dumpster More
Posted July 24, 2017
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,
It could not happen to a kinder, nicest, loving person. The Newcomb Family is very, very, very proud of you.
Love, Unc.
Posted July 24, 2017