“LAMAR” Their advertisement i...

Their advertisement is tops
And their professionalism too
And they are very skilled and prompt
In everything they do

Thank You LAMAR

RE Club
( Sharpsburg )

It's a beautiful place to go More
Posted October 16, 2017
A Note For My Readers I hope t...
A Note For My Readers
I hope that my poems in the paper
Are sending good messages to you
And that they're bringing a slew of smiles
In everything that you do

And so I thank you so much for reading
Because it sure means the world to me
And I...
Posted October 09, 2017
A Poem (For The Broken Hearted...
A Poem
(For The Broken Hearted)
You just take that broken heart
And you mend it into a new
And you believe with all of your might
That a new love is gonna come through

And if by chance it don't
Well I tell you it's quite alright More
Posted October 02, 2017
What It Means To Have A Frien...
What It Means
To Have A Friend
It means you can be yourself
And never ever have to be fake
And it means you can pour your heart out
When your heart is about to break

And it means you can go about life
Without ever having to put on errs More
Posted September 25, 2017