The Women Of Today You're bra...
The Women Of Today

You're brave and you're daring
And you're smart as a whip
And I wouldn't trade you for the world
Or a million dollar trip

I glorify your guts
And your decision on matters
And the fact that you're never More
Posted February 19, 2018
After 47 years and 4 months, Eric Pierson is retiring from the Post-Gazette IT Dept.
Eric started working for the Press the day after he turned 18. He became On-Line System Manager in 1996 and PG On-Line went live after 10 months.
Posted February 05, 2018
“Priority Mail” I'm sorry if ...
“Priority Mail”

I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'm sorry if I caused you pain
And I'm sorry if my
Made you feel some kind of disdain

It's the last thing I'd ever do
It's the last thing that'd cross my mind More
Posted February 05, 2018
“Rachel's World” I've adopted...
“Rachel's World”

I've adopted the name Rachel
But my real born name is Billie
And I know that you're
probably thinking
That it is all really quite silly

But I have always loved that name
For many and many a year More
Posted January 29, 2018