“Poem For My Dentist” (Dr. Bel...
“Poem For My Dentist”
(Dr. Belack)
He's a wonderful dentist
And great person indeed
And if you want a great smile
He's who you need

Thank you Dr. B
For all that you do
We're all very lucky
To have someone like you
Posted June 26, 2017
“BOTTLESHOP” ((( Bridgeville )...
((( Bridgeville )))
It's a one in a million bar
And it's a treasure that I have found
And every single trinket inside
Has gold all the way around

First are the servers and staff
Who are always right there with a smile...
Posted June 19, 2017
“The Perfect Marriage” 60 year...
“The Perfect Marriage”
60 years ago on June 8th
The perfect marriage had taken place
Vince Mazza & Nancy Bianchini
Had taken their vows face to face

And they're still going strong today
And proud parents of Vincent & Valerie
Posted June 12, 2017
Poem For “Rena Boeset” Picture...
Poem For
“Rena Boeset”
Pictured above
Is Rena Boeset
And she is a person
I'm glad I met

Cause she's caring and kind
And a wonderful friend
And to her right now
Good wishes I send

Thank you Rena More
Posted June 05, 2017