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Celebrate Jubilee!

Sister Betty (Alphonse Marie) Waigand will celebrate her 75th Jubilee, August 17, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. Mass at Saint Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, Southside. Please RSVP at 412-331-3051 for parking directions.
Posted July 29, 2019
"Just Tell Me If It's Over" ...
"Just Tell Me If It's Over"

I'm asking you now please
Is it all over between us
Because when I try to kiss you
You tell me in your meanest

That you're tired and have a headache
And that you want to be
left alone
And that by...
Posted July 29, 2019
((( No Title ))) I am Rachel...
((( No Title )))

I am Rachel
And I am proud
I'll say it clear
And I'll say it loud

Any disputing
I don't care
I'm living the life
That I dare

Rachel Ann Bovier
(412) 921-3694
Posted July 29, 2019
"Dogs" They are so cute They...

They are so cute
They are my friend
I will adore them
Till no end

In times of sorrow
In times of sad
They seem to cuddle
And make you glad

That you have a friend
To call your own
Posted July 29, 2019
"Aim For A New Tomorrow" Jus...
"Aim For A New Tomorrow"

Just bend that arrow back
And aim for that new tomorrow
And leave your past behind
Without regret, restraint,
or sorrow

Just shoot for that proverbial bull's eye
Aim straight and do it now
Posted July 29, 2019
"When A Loved One Passes Away"...
"When A Loved One Passes Away"

It sure is a heavy burden
And so very hard to take
And so you bow your head in sorrow
And cry the tears of a lake

And to console yourself you try
To remember the good times spent
And you walk around...
Posted July 29, 2019
"Tears To Fill The Sea" How ...
"Tears To Fill The Sea"

How hard they all splash down
Like the strong on-coming wave
And how they chill my body
Like the love you never gave

And how the flying seagulls
Flap their wings of Dover
And how the seashells below me ...
Posted July 29, 2019
"A Loving Question" It is the ...
"A Loving Question"
It is the question
I ask of you
Could you love me
The whole way through

And could you love me
With all my faults
And without resentment
Or verbal assaults

And could you love me
If times got...
Posted July 29, 2019
"My Confession" I'm sorry if...
"My Confession"

I'm sorry if I hurt you
And I'm sorry for my stupidity
And anyone who may be reading this
Rest assured of its validity

So to the person who this is addressed to
I wish you all of the best
And may all that you've...
Posted July 29, 2019
"Keep On Trying" ((( No Matter...
"Keep On Trying"
((( No Matter What )))
No matter how hopeless
No matter the resistance
Just keep on trying
No matter the distance

And you may have doubters
And maybe a hater
But please keep in mind
That you're the creator...
Posted July 22, 2019