The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School (herein referred to as Lincoln Park) offers a full continuum of special education programs and services to all students eligible for such services. Special education programs and services are available for eligible children in grades 7-12 and may be requested by contacting Mr. P.K. Poling, CEO, at (724) 643-9004.
Special education programs available include services for eligible students who are identified as: mentally retarded, multi-handicapped, learning disabled, neurologically impaired, autistic/pervasive development, physically impaired disorder, seriously emotionally disturbed, visually impaired, speech and language impaired, or hearing impaired.
Lincoln Park conducts ongoing identification activities to determine if students are in need of special education services. Lincoln Park operates the following special education programs: integrated learning support, emotional support, life skills support, learning support, and speech language support.
Lincoln Park has an ongoing screening process to identify students in need of special education services and specially designed instruction. The screening process begins in August with a review of all group achievement and ability test results. Individual screening takes place throughout the remainder of the school year as needed. Parents/guardians may request their child be screened or evaluated for special education services. Requests for screenings or evaluations should be made in writing and directed to Mr. P.K. Poling. For further information, parents/guardians may contact Mr. P.K. Poling by telephone at (724) 643-9004.
All information collected as part of an individual student referral or evaluation is treated in a confidential manner and does not become a part of the student's permanent record file. A written policy regarding the confidentiality of student records is available for review by contacting Mr. P.K. Poling.
If you have any questions about special education services, the screening or evaluation process, or any other information, please contact Mr. P.K. Poling at (724) 643-9004.
Printed information regarding available special education services and programs and parent rights as they pertain to special education is available from the school office.
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PostedAugust 10, 2018