In Re: Joseph Platek, 3rd a/k/a
Joseph Platek, III a/k/a Joseph
Platek, a minor, No. CP-02-
AP-137-2018, in the Orphans'
Court Division of the Court of
Common Pleas of Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania.
To: Justina Coren Liptak a/k/a
Justina Liptak, Joseph Platek,
Jr. a/k/a Joseph Platek, Paul
Thompson a/k/a Paul
Thomson, and The Unknown
Father, parents of Joseph
Platek, 3rd a/k/a Joseph
Platek, III a/k/a Joseph Platek,
a minor born on September 3,
2016, in Pittsburgh, Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania.
An amended Petition has
been filed asking the court to
put an end to all rights you
have to your child, Joseph
Platek, 3rd a/k/a Joseph
Platek, III a/k/a Joseph Platek.
The court has set a hearing to
consider ending your rights to
your child. That hearing will be
held at The Family Court
Building, 550 Fifth Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 on
Friday, March 8, 2019, at 9:00
a.m., prevailing time, before
the Honorable Dwayne D.
Woodruff. You are warned that
even if you fail to appear at
the scheduled hearing, the
hearing will go on without you
and your rights to your child
may be ended by the court
without your being present.
You have a right to be
represented at the hearing by
a lawyer. You should take this
paper to your lawyer at once.
If you do not have a lawyer or
cannot afford one, go to or
telephone the office set forth
below to find out where you
can get legal help.
This is also to inform you of an
important option that may be
available to you under
Pennsylvania law. Act 101 of
2010 allows for an
enforceable voluntary
agreement for continuing
contact or communication
following an adoption
between an adoptive parent, a
child, a birth parent, and/or a
birth relative of the child, if all
parties agree and the
voluntary agreement is
approved by the court. If you
are interested in learning
more about this option for a
voluntary agreement, contact
your attorney or:
Lawyer Referral Service
The Allegheny County Bar
Koppers Building, 4th Floor
436 Seventh Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Telephone: (412) 261-5555
Andrew F. Szefi, County
Melaniesha L. J. Abernathy,
Attorney at Law
Children, Youth and Families
445 Ft. Pitt Boulevard,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 350-4243, Attorneys for
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PostedFebruary 11, 2019