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George Godwin DBA Godwin's Nursery & Trees in
Washington, PA is seeking 4 Farmworker/Nursery
workers from 3/17/2019 to 12/15/2019 . 3 months
experience required in general nursery production.
Duties include plants, digs, cultivates, and harvests
?eld plants and trees, such as spruce, pine, oak, red
oak trees and other trees and plants. Working in
nursery handling both manual and machine tasks
associated with plant nursery production and harvest
activities.Allergens will be encountered: hay, pollen,
dust, etc. Must be able to lift 75lbs. Wage will be
$13.15/hr. Three-fourths guaranteed. Tools, equipment
and daily transportation to worksite provided at no
cost. Housing will be provided only to those who are
not reasonably able to return to their permanent
residence at the end of each working day.
Transportation and subsistence from place of
recruitment paid to non-resident workers when 50% of
contract is completed or earlier. These are temporary
positions. Apply at nearest State Workforce Agency in
the State #12753643.
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PostedFebruary 10, 2019