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Allegheny Services, LLC. Landscapers needed work at
533 Rochester Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 & various
worksites in Allegheny Cty. Landscape or maintain
grounds of property using hands, power tools or
equipment. Must be able to lay sod, mow, trim trees &
shrubs, plant, water, fertilize, dig, rake, shovel, install
sprinklers. 2 months experience as landscaper, No
education required. Mon – Sun / 8am - 5pm. Job starts:
04/01/19 ends 11/30/19. Temporary, full-time 2 job
openings. $13.77/hr + health insurance. On-the-job
training provided. Payroll deductions required by law.
Elective pre- authorized deductions: Voluntary
advances/loans made to workers repaid by
pre-authorized payroll deductions. Reasonable fair
market value cost of rent/utilities deduction based on
# of occupants for workers electing offered housing.
Assistance arranging paid lodging for foreign &
non-local U.S. workers. Free/voluntary transportation
to/from worksite in centralized pick-up pl. Workers
outside reasonable commuting distances, inbound
transportation (including meals & to the extent
necessary, lodging) to pl of employment provided or
reimbursed, if worker completes 50% work period.
Return transportation provided if completed
employment period or if dismissed early. Daily
subsistence provided $12.26 & max $51.00/day. All
tools, supplies, & equipment provided at no charge.
Apply for the job at the nearest SWA/PACareerLink 304
Wood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, (412) 552-7100. Job
Order 12683286. Additional info call: Allegheny
Services (412) 364-2615.
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PostedFebruary 10, 2019