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Landscape Laborers –
Temporary/full time
4/1/19-11/30/19. 18 jobs
w/ Plantscape, Inc.,
Pittsburgh, PA & job sites
in Allegheny, Butler &
Westmoreland cntys. Use
tools/equipment. Lay sod,
mow, trim, plant, water,
fertilize, dig, rake, assist
w/sprinkler install & install
mortarless masonry units.
Lift/carry 50 lbs when nec.
Drug test req'd prior to
starting work & at random,
upon suspicion, & post
accident. Motor vehicle
check req'd for any
employee who drives
company vehicle (driving is
not req of position). 3 mos
landscape exp req'd. 40
hr/wk 7 AM-3 PM M-F. Sat
work req'd when nec.
Wage is no less than
$13.77/hr (OT varies @
$20.66/hr). Raise/bonus at
emplr discretion. Transport
(incl. meals & as nec
lodging) to place of employ
provided/pd to wkrs
residing outside normal
commute distance by
completion of 50% of job
period. Return transport
provided/pd to same wkrs
if wkr completes job period
or dismissed early. Wkrs
guaranteed offer of 3/4 of
work hrs each 12-wk
period. Tools, supplies,
equip & uniform provided
at no cost. Potential
deduct for advances, daily
trans. to/from wksite from
central loc, reasonable
cost of lodging and/or
reasonable cost of
negligent damage to
lodging may apply. Emplr
may assist to secure
wkr-pd lodging if nec.
Emplr provides incidental
transport btw job sites.
Interview reqd. Fax resume
to (412) 281-4775 or apply
at: PA CareerLink
Allegheny East, 2040
Ardmore Blvd., Pittsburgh,
PA 15221, (412) 436-2225.
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PostedJanuary 20, 2019