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“Rachel's World”

I've adopted the name Rachel
But my real born name is Billie
And I know that you're
probably thinking
That it is all really quite silly

But I have always loved that name
For many and many a year
And so I've decided to let it surface
And start using it

And the name sure fits my appearance
As I wear earrings and rings and such
And I am not embarrassed to say
That I'm loving it all so much

So I hope that you don't mind
And that you will always stand by my side
And that you will try to understand
That I am discovering my feminine side

(((Billie Nardozzi)))
61 School St.
Green Tree,PA.15220-2716
(412) 921-3694
( All Calls & Letters Welcomed )
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PostedJanuary 29, 2018