• “Priority Mail” I'm sorry if ...

“Priority Mail”

I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'm sorry if I caused you pain
And I'm sorry if my
Made you feel some kind of disdain

It's the last thing I'd ever do
It's the last thing that'd cross my mind
Because you were the one I will say
Was my ever so perfect find

You were a wonderful part of my life
And you were all the good things to come
And I swear by the ground that I walk on
You will always be number one


1.gay...straight...or... bi...
((( We're all only human)))

2.Be the person you need to be.
Not who everyone wants you to be.

3.Don't hate a person...hug a person.

4.Don't judge people...love people.

5.Don't ever be afraid to cry...it shows heart.

6.Don't “wait” for something to happen, “Make” ...it happen.

7.Don't make excuses...make promises.

8.Count your blessings...not your money.

9.The highest point in your life...is being who you are.

10.Beware the person who eats pizza with a fork.

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PostedFebruary 05, 2018