• "Love is Like A Diamond" It i...

"Love is Like A Diamond"

It is radiant and shining
And it sparkles all year round
And it gravitates to the holder
And makes a beautiful sound

And it radiates a smile
From any direction for sure
And it screams in constant craving
To want it even more

??? Living In Fear ???

Are you controlled by a controlling lover?
Are you controlled by their fist or threat?
And are you trained to not talk back?
Because you know what you will get


“Edible Antidotes”

1."Walk" the trail of
goodness..."Run"... from the trail of badness.

2.Do not fear what's in your heart.....fear what
is not.

3.Do not seek revenge....seek

4.Go about in humbleness.....or lose
your soul.

5.A swing moves back & forth.....but don't let it..."swing"... your

6.Animal lovers....are next to godliness.

7.So convenient to blame a bad habit......on bad luck.

8.Never trust a person who says..."trust me"...they're trying too hard to convince you.

9.The worst person anyone could ever be is a liar....? why ?...because you don't know what they've done.

10.When you talk aloud in church....you are kicking God in his face.

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P.S....((( to all my readers )))

"May You Find Great Cheer"
"In The Coming New Year"

Yours Truly;
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PostedJanuary 01, 2018