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We are proud to announce that our son, Alex Profeta, is certified as a Commercial Diver after completing his requirements at International Diving Institute in South Carolina.
He is trained in Underwater Welding and Air / Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diving. Alex is certified in Operator use of Gorski, Kirby Morgan, and Band Masks and additionally has taken courses as an Underwater Pilot for Remote Operating Vehicles. During his training he also learned basic medical skills for underwater application and CPR. Alex has taken advanced courses to allow him to certify that Diving Helmets are safe to use in Deep Sea applications.
He will be completing his courses in August when he spends his last month of training in very deep waters. He is looking forward to his Deep Sea Diving Career.
We are so proud that he has been challenged so much, overcome many obstacles, and happy to see his success.
Congratulations, Alex! Love you always.
Mom & Dad
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PostedJuly 29, 2019